No: 82, 12 May 2024, Regarding the Social Media Message Posted by the Israeli Foreign Minister

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 12.05.2024

President Erdoğan remains unwavering in his condemnation of the inexcusable crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people. Türkiye continues to work tirelessly to stop the massacre committed by Israel, taking decisive action to isolate Israel internationally.

This is why some Israeli politicians are baselessly targeting Türkiye and President Erdoğan in the most insolent manner.

The fundamentalist Israeli Government's genocidal policies present a threat to both Palestinians and Israelis.

Türkiye will continue to shed light on racist and unjust policies that Israel weaponises against the Palestinian people. Türkiye will defend the just cause of the Palestinians until they have their own state, in their own country.


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